Circuit Superstars – Neues Rennspiel von Square Enix Collective angekündigt

Circuit Superstars – Neues Rennspiel von Square Enix Collective angekündigt

Der Entwickler Original Fire Games und Publisher Square Enix (Collective) haben ihr Rennspiel Circuit Superstars veröffentlicht. Der Titel ist ab sofort auf dem PC via Steam und für XBox One verfügbar. Die Versionen für PS4 und Nintendo Switch sollen zeitnah folgen.

Das sagen die Beteiligten:

Phil Elliott, Head of Square Enix Collective says: “CIRCUIT SUPERSTARS is a wonderful representation of how developers can combine a deep love of motorsport and of gaming to create something special for both communities. CIRCUIT SUPERSTARS is unique in how it offers charming, relaxed gaming to some players, as well as a challenging, rewarding racing simulation to others, all in the same game.”

Alberto Mastretta, Founder & Creative Director at Original Fire Games says: „Launching CIRCUIT SUPERSTARS is a huge accomplishment for us as a new studio, and we are so excited to release it today. This project has meant the world to us – motorsport has been a significant source of joy throughout our lives, and we have formed bonds with friends and family in physical and virtual racetracks. We have put everything we have into paying homage to the sport we love, to bring those same meaningful experiences to players.”

Carolina Mastretta, Founder & Studio Lead at Original Fire Games further added “Seeing incredible drivers like Lando Norris, Romain Grosjean, Jamie Chadwick and many others resonate with our game is a huge honour, it fuels our energy to keep building on what we’ve created so far. We’re excited to be on the track with all of you, sharing those special moments, and celebrating the world of motorsport together!”


Die Ankündigung

Square Enix Collective hat mit Circuit Superstars ein neues Rennspiel auf der E3 2019 angekündigt. Erscheinen wird der Titel 2020 für den PC, PS4, XBox One und Nintendo Switch.

Optisch erinnert der Titel an einen Arcade-Racer aber er soll sich spielerisch sehr herausfordernd spielen. Neben normalen Rennstrecken werden auch Off-Road-Kurse in unterschiedlichen Klassen [Rally, GT, Classic Cars, Trucks] geboten.

Das sagen die Beteiligten:

“Over the last three decades we have seen a fascinating evolution of racing games,” says Carolina Mastretta, Director & Producer at Original Fire Games. “And these days, we can drive almost any type of car on amazing recreations of the best tracks in the world. However, we believe it’s time to try something different, and we want to do this by reviving a style that pioneered the racing genre decades ago.”

Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix (and avid racing fan) is excited to be bringing Original Fire’s debut game onboard. “Here at Square Enix Collective, we’ve been hoping to find a great racing game for some time – and we’re so happy to be working on Circuit Superstars. It’s one of those rare games that has charm and style, but also an edge to the handling that makes you strive to get better with each lap you drive.”


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