Down to Hell erscheint am 30. August auf dem PC via Steam

Down to Hell erscheint am 30. August auf dem PC via Steam

Das polnische Studio Red Dev und Ultimate Games werden ihren Heavy Metal-Platformer Down To Hell am 30. August 2019 offiziell veröffentlichen, das heißt mit diesem Tag endet die Early Access-Phase.

Das sagt der Entwickler:

“In Down to Hell well-thought-out gameplay goes hand in hand with its unique atmosphere full of darkness and suffering. The unique nature of our new game is also emphasized by the raw and specially styled graphics. The soundtrack additionally plays an important role here, in which works by Polish heavy metal bands such as Decapitated and Koronal appear. In addition to the soundtrack, which complements the game well, fans of heavy sounds will surely notice other references to this style of music” says the founder Red Dev Studio, Wojciech Sypko.


In meinen Adern fließt Gaming :D

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