Mandragora – Kickstarter-Kampagne zum Action-RPG gestartet

Mandragora – Kickstarter-Kampagne zum Action-RPG gestartet

Die Primal Game Studios haben eine Kickstarter-Kampagne zu ihrem Action-RPG-Metroidvania-Mix Mandragora gestartet. Insgesamt sollen circa 112.000€ gesammelt werden, die hälfte davon ist bereits erreicht.

Zoltan Zsuffa, CEO at Primal Game Studio said “We’ve been lucky enough to find great partners already who are providing invaluable support, but we always knew we wanted to have a Kickstarter project for Mandragora. This gives our amazing community a chance to be a part of our development process and directly support the game, while, of course, being offered valuable exclusive rewards in return.”

Die Ankündigung

Entwickler Primal Game Studio und der Publisher Marvelous Europe haben ihr seitlich scrollendes Metroidvania Mandragora enthüllt. Der Titel wird für PC (Steam), XBox Series X|S, PS5 und Nintendo Switch erscheinen. Geboten wird eine düstere Fantasy-Welt die von Monstern beherrscht wird. Mit dabei sind außerdem verschiedene Klassen, unterschiedliche Fähigkeiten, Waffen, Tränke und Crafting.

Das sagen die Beteiligten:

Istvan Zsuffa, Creative Director at Primal Game Studio said “Mandragora is a genre-blending mix of everything we love about our favourite games, which made it a challenge to find the right publisher who understands our vision for a title that doesn’t fit into just one box. That’s why we’re so glad to be working with Marvelous Europe to help bring our game to the players on all their favourite platforms. We’re thankful for all the fan support so far and can’t wait to continue this journey together!“

“We’re thrilled to bring Primal Game Studio’s vision to the world.” added Marc Melton, Managing Director at Marvelous Europe. “Mandragora is a fantastic project, with huge potential, marking a new step in how we work with development studios and we’re excited to have found such great partners.”


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