Sockventure – Plattformer startet seinen Release auf dem PC

Sockventure – Plattformer startet seinen Release auf dem PC

Nighthouse Games und Versus Evil haben ihren Plattformer Sockventure auf dem PC via Steam, GOG und Epic Games Store veröffentlicht.

Das sagt der Entwickler:

“Sockventure’s combination of clever level design, creativity and frenetic gameplay really caught our attention.  This is hardcore platforming on a whole new level of imagination. But with all its uniqueness in its setting and story, it fulfills the promise with hand-crafted levels, free-form controls, and allowing players to explore and complete the levels how they see fit.” Said Versus Evil General Manager Steve Ecalante.

Release fixiert

Der Publisher Versus Evil und das Entwicklerstudio Nighthouse Games haben den Release von Sockventure fixiert. Der bockschwere Platformer erscheint somit am 11. Mai 2021 auf dem PC via Steam.

Das Jump and Run bietet über 200 handgefertigte Level die sich über sieben Kapitel verbreiten. Wie das Ganze aussieht, könnt ihr im Trailer unter dem Zitat in Augenschein nehmen.

Das sagt der Entwickler:

“Versus Evil gets pitched platformers several times a month.  There are games in the market that are synonymous with the genre and even they can deliver experiences that miss the mark. Sockventure checked off the boxes in terms of gameplay expected of the genre, difficulty, depth of game play, levels and more.” said Steve Escalante General Manager of Versus Evil. “We are excited to work with Nighthouse Games on Sockventure and know that fans of this genre are getting the gameplay they love”


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