Ultimate Fishing Simulator verlässt am 30. August des Early-Access

Ultimate Fishing Simulator verlässt am 30. August des Early-Access

Aktuell könnt ihr euch den Ultimate Fishing Simulator noch für 19,99€ via Steam holen. Bit Golem und Ultimate Games werden die Simulation offiziell am 30. August veröffentlichen, anschließend kostet sie dann 29,99€. Für 2019 ist dann eine Umsetzung für Konsolen geplant.

Der Entwickler hat dazu einiges zu sagen:

”Work on the game went according to plan. Months of hard work have brought the expected results. As a result, the game has been significantly enhanced and refined. So far, over 20 thousand players have already bought it. We want to thank you for this support and numerous feedback and inspiring ideas. Ultimate Fishing Simulator is the work of the community that trusted us in Steam Early Access” says the CEO of Ultimate Games S.A., Mateusz Zawadzki.

“Compared to other fishing games, our production stands out not only with its attractive artwork, but also many innovative solutions. We introduced fishing methods that are not standard in games of this kind. This includes bottom and fly methods as well as sea fishing. Ice fishing is also possible. We offer players the most comprehensive approach to fishing and a wide spectrum of possibilities. What’s important is that both avid anglers and people who have no experience related to fishing will enjoy the game” added Mateusz Zawadzki.

“We focused on diversity – each fishery in Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a separate ecosystem that requires a different approach from the player. Each species of fish, just like in real life, responds only to certain types of baits. To increase the realism, we have included also the impact of
weather changes on the behavior of fish, e.g. wind and rain” added Mateusz Zawadzki.

“Online competition gives additional opportunities for fun. Players can take part in the various tournaments and take on occasional challenges. Of course, there are also standard modes and options” notes the CEO of Ultimate Games S.A.


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