NAIRI: Tower of Shirin – Demo und Trailer veröffentlicht

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin – Demo und Trailer veröffentlicht

Another Indie und Hound Picked Games haben via Steam eine Demo für den PC zu ihrem Spiel NAIRI: Tower of Shirin. Zum Release wird der Titel auch für die Nintendo Switch erscheinen.

Das sagen die Beteiligten:

“Nairi is an adventure game that will appeal to all kind of gamers, those who love this genre, and ones that just want something different, together with a challenge and it is visually appealing. We don’t like to classify this as a point and click adventure, but more of a journey into a compelling story,” Dan Muir, CEO Hound Picked Games.

“NAIRI: Tower of Shirin’s appeal lies in the unique synergy of a charming aesthetic, a rich storyline and an intuitive feel and presentation. The game features an adorably cute universe; fleshed out with complex and troubled characters. It’s is full of unexpected surprises”, Joshua van Kuilenburg, HomeBearStudio.


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