Prodigy Tactics hat die Early Access-Phase verlassen

Prodigy Tactics hat die Early Access-Phase verlassen

Hanakai Studio, Forever Entertainment und Ultimate Games veröffentlichen heute die fertige Fassung von Prodigy Tactics. Das rundenbasierte Strategiespiel schlägt mit einem Preis von 19,99€ zu Buche.

Das sagen die Beteiligten:

“The final version of Prodigy Tactics is significantly expanded. The modes for a single player, include features such as the Stories mode, provides even more than 15 hours of fun. At the same time, multiplayer modes have been improved” indicates the CEO of Forever Entertainment S.A., Zbigniew Dębicki.

”Harmony & Dissonance is an innovative concept – in practice the player has a choice between a more conservative and risky game style. If we add to this its unique design, it turns out that Prodigy Tactics brings to tactical and strategic games a great breath of freshness” indicates the CEO of Ultimate Games S.A., Mateusz Zawadzki.


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