The Spectrum Retreat – Hier ist der Launch-Trailer

The Spectrum Retreat – Hier ist der Launch-Trailer

Dan Smith und Ripstone Games haben The Spectrum Retreat für PS4 veröffentlicht. Die PC- als auch die XBox One-Fassung erscheint am 13. Juli 2018.

Das sagt der Entwickler:

“After five years of working on it, I’m thrilled for people to discover The Spectrum Retreat,” said Dan Smith, Designer of The Spectrum Retreat. “When I created the prototype a few years ago, I never could have imagined that it would grow into the ambitious sci-fi mystery that it’s become. The folks at Ripstone have been instrumental in helping me flesh out my vision with amazing art and clever storytelling.“

“Ever since we saw his award-winning prototype, we knew Dan Smith was a major talent and it’s been an honor to help him bring this project to fruition,” said Matt Southern, Head of Development at Ripstone Games. “Dan’s puzzle design has only gotten stronger over the years, and now it supports an emotional, intelligent narrative adventure, of interest to anyone concerned with how new technologies might impact our lives in the near future.”


In meinen Adern fließt Gaming :D