Bulletstorm VR für PC und PlayStation angekündigt

Bulletstorm VR für PC und PlayStation angekündigt

People Can Fly und Incuvo haben den Release von Bulletstorm VR fixiert. Der brachiale Shooter erscheint somit am 14. Dezember 2023 für SteamVR, Meta Quest 2 und PSVR2.

“Bulletstorm is one of our most treasured properties and it’s continued to delight people over a dozen years since its initial release,” said Bartosz Kmita, Chief Creative Director of People Can Fly. “Bulletstorm VR offers the definitive way to experience the game with fully immersive presentation and motion-controls to make you feel like the ultimate badass space pirate!”

„We are big fans of Bulletstorm, and have long dreamt of how great leashing Skulls and shooting Creeps would feel in VR, so this is a perfect match for our VR expertise,” said Radomir Kucharski, Vice-President of the Management Board responsible for Products at Incuvo.

Release Date-Trailer:

VR-Version für PC und PS5 angekündigt

Die Virtual Reality-Spezialisten Incuvo und der ursprüngliche Entwickler People Can Fly haben überraschenderweise Bulletstorm VR angekündigt. Der Ego-Shooter wird auf dem PC via Steam, für Meta Quest und PlayStation erscheinen.

“Bulletstorm VR retains everything players loved about the original Bulletstorm – the world, the characters, and the clever Skillshot system that encourages creativity and experimentation – and makes it feel more immersive and intuitive than ever,” said Bartosz Kmita, Creative Director of People Can Fly. “We’ll have more to show later this year as we approach Bulletstorm VR’s release!”

“As a studio that specializes in VR gaming, Bulletstorm VR is a dream project for us,” said Andrzej Wychowaniec, CEO of Incuvo. “Gunplay is a natural fit for VR and Bulletstorm has that in spades, yet it also has a cool-as-hell electric leash, which is just a joy to use with motion controls in VR. Add in endearing characters and an extravagant, colorful world, and Bulletstorm VR is the full package!”


Launch-Trailer zur Nintendo Switch-Version:

Der legendäre Ego-Shooter Bulletstorm hat es also nun auch auf die Nintendo Switch geschafft. Passend zum Release gibt es natürlich einen Launch-Trailer, wir wünschen gute Unterhaltung.

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