Kainga: Seeds of Civilization startet am 11. November in den Early Access

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization startet am 11. November in den Early Access

Der Solo-Entwickler Erik Rempen und sein Publisher Green Man Gaming haben den Early Access-Start von Kainga: Seeds of Civilization fixiert. Der Roguelite-Aufbaustrategietitel startet somit am 11. November 2021 auf dem PC via Steam.

Das sagt der Entwickler:

“It’s been a busy few months adding new content and balancing the game mechanics ahead of the Early Access launch, but I’m thrilled to be able to release Kainga: Seeds of Civilization into Steam Early Access on November 11th” Commented Erik Rempen, solo game developer for Kainga. “I am excited to see how everyone reacts to the challenge of creating their own unique cultures and building their new villages. But the hard work will continue as I’ll be pushing out regular content updates throughout the Early Access phase building on the strong gameplay foundations of this initial launch”.

Early Access-Teaser:

Gameplay-Video und Demo veröffentlicht

Green Man Gaming und Erik Rempen haben ein Gameplay-Video zu Kainga: Seeds of Civilization veröffentlicht. Wer nach dem ansehen des Videos Lust auf den „Roguelite-City-Builder“ bekommen hat, kann sich eine kostenlose Demo-Version via Steam für den PC herunterladen.


Green Man Gaming steigt als Publisher ein

Der Solo-Entwickler Erik Rempen erhält Unterstützung in Form des Publishers Green Man Gaming. Erscheinen wird Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Ende 2021 auf dem PC via Steam.

Das sagen die Beteiligten:

“Kainga has been on our radar for some time and we are thrilled to be able to bring our publishing expertise to this innovative new game” commented Helen Churchill, SVP of Publishing at Green Man Gaming Publishing. “Erik has worked tirelessly to make his vision a reality and we are excited to be part of this journey with him. Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is the perfect title for our growing portfolio and re-enforces our commitment to discover the best indie titles and provide the perfect launchpad for them to hit that all important global audience”.

“I am so excited to be working with the Green Man Gaming Publishing team and look forward to utilizing their global publishing experience for the launch of Kainga: Seeds of Civilization”. Said Erik Rempen, self taught solo game designer. “I have been blown away by the support and love for my game so far and I know that with their publishing support, I can fully focus my attention on creating the game I envisioned when I started this project and delivering a truly exceptional gameplay experience to the community”.

Erfolgreiche Kickstarter-Kampagne

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization hat sein Kickstarter-Ziel erreicht und ist somit erfolgreich finanziert. 15 Tage lang läuft die Kampagne noch und somit kann das Spiel weiterhin unterstützt werden.

Das sagt der Entwickler:

“This is an exciting milestone in the development journey of Kainga: Seeds of Civilization” said Erik Rempen, solo game designer of Kainga. “With this funding I can now start to bring in external resources to support me in the design of the game and add the extra layers of polish needed to elevate Kainga to the level of quality the fans expect. We have hit our initial target, but we still have a way to go! We are building a great community of fans who are not only supporting this project financially, but helping shape the future development of the game with their thoughts and ideas”.

Start auf Kickstarter

Ab sofort kann Kainga: Seeds of Civilization via Kickstarter unterstützt werden. Insgesamt möchte der Entwickler circa 12.500€ sammeln um sein Spiel auf den Weg zu bringen. Passend zum Start der Kampagne gibt es auch ein neues Video, dieses seht ihr unter folgendem Zitat – wir wünschen gute Unterhaltung.

Das sagt der Entwickler:

“I am excited to finally be able to launch the Kickstarter campaign for Kainga” said Erik Rempen, solo designer of the game “It has been a dream of mine for almost three years and today I can see that dream coming to life. With your support, I will be able to bring Kainga over the finish line and share this wonderful experience with the ever growing community and fans around the world”.


City-Builder trifft Roguelite

Der Solo-Entwickler Erik Rempen wird am 18. Mai 2021 eine Kickstarter-Kampagne zu seinem Roguelite-City-Builder Kainga: Seeds of Civilization angekündigt. Im Herbst soll dann die Early Access-Phase auf dem PC via Steam starten. Das Spiel setzt auf relativ schnelle Missionen, zwischen 30 und 60 Minuten soll ein Ausflug dauern.

Das sagt der Entwickler:

“All my life I’ve been fascinated with ancient cultures from across the globe and I’ve always been interested to learn what makes them unique.” Commented Erik Rempen, solo developer of Kainga. “ I’ve traveled to over 60 countries around the world and everywhere I go, the variety and complexity of local culture and history never ceases to amaze me. I’ve always wanted to play a city-builder game that allowed for deep cultural variability and after waiting far too long, I decided to make it myself! I’ve spent the past few years getting to this point and I’m excited to finally share this dream so we can start dreaming together”.


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